The youth association shall be comprised of all the youths between the ages of 18 and 35 years within the jurisdiction of the Patriarchal vicar/Dioceses. They shall form primary units in each Church/Parish and Congregations and shall be governed by the Bylaws of the units, under the guidance of Patriarchal Vicar, the Vice President, the Vicariate/diocese Council and central level office bearers. Diocesan Youth association shall meet at least once a year and church associations meet as many times as may require addressing matters related to the youths.

A Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers shall be elected, and their term shall be two years. To have more clarity in the regional level work, the spiritual organisations can propose a regional coordinator either from the clergy or from among the youth secretaries of the particular region. The regional coordinator will work in consultation with the Director of each Spiritual organisation.

The Youth Association is encouraged to have more wings of activities such as Students’ Ministry, College Ministry, Ecumenical Youth Ministry or any such contextual activities under the national youth wing. Any new ministry is initiated; an approval is sought from the Diocesan council/General Body, with a prior consultation with the Metropolitan, Director and the regional coordinator